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The demand for healthcare recruiting is surging as the industry grapples with a significant shortage of skilled talent.

To tackle this challenge, healthcare organizations need to collaborate with a specialized healthcare recruitment firm that not only possesses extensive experience in the healthcare industry but also embraces technological advancements.

"At AlediumHR, we leverage innovative healthcare recruitment strategies and cutting-edge technologies to identify and attract the most suitable healthcare professionals who align with your specific requirements and organizational goals".

With deep roots in the healthcare industry, we provide access to our vast network of qualified healthcare candidates for all your clinical and non-clinical roles.

Through strategic collaboration, we can build you a highly skilled and dedicated healthcare workforce that will drive positive outcomes to fulfill your hiring demands.

We'll partner to meet the growing need for exceptional healthcare talent.

Recruiting Reimagined

Stop the recruitment roller coaster. RecruitmentUnits™ lets you dial in your hiring needs and say goodbye to uncontrollable expenses.

The healthcare industry deserves better than unpredictable recruitment costs. RecruitmentUnits™ puts you in control. Set your budget, choose your positions, and land the talent you need without breaking the bank.

Plus, our 12-month placement guarantee ensures your investment pays off.

Leadership Team


In 2018, we made the decision to relocate our corporate headquarters to Tampa, Florida. This move was driven by the recognition of Tampa as one of the nation's fastest-growing markets for healthcare employment opportunities.

With its robust healthcare sector, the Tampa Bay area has firmly secured its position among the top 10 job markets for healthcare professionals, offering an abundance of growth and career prospects.

In addition to our headquarters in Tampa, we have established remote offices in several major cities across the country, serving the U.S. and Canada.

These include Nashville, Dallas, Boston, Phoenix, Seattle, Denver, and Minneapolis. Expanding our presence in these key locations aims to serve our clients and strengthen our relationships.