Why AlediumHR

AlediumHR is a leader in healthcare recruitment innovation. We match qualified candidates for direct-hire positions for both clinical and non-clinical roles throughout the United States and Canada. 

AlediumHR has also been at the forefront of telehealth recruiting since 2013, long before Covid, demonstrating our proactive approach and leadership in the healthcare industry.

With over a decade of experience and a proven track record, we possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges that healthcare recruiting presents in 2024. 

Trust AlediumHR to help you navigate the ever-increasing demand for healthcare professionals to ensure your organization's recruiting success.

Are Your Recruitment Costs out of Control?

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The healthcare industry faces a significant shortage of skilled talent, leading to soaring demand for healthcare professionals.

AlediumHR leverages innovative recruitment strategies and proprietary technologies like our Talentlytical® AI Talent Acquisition Platform.

 Talentlyical® assists in identifying and attracting the most qualified candidates who align with your specific job requirements and organizational culture. 

We have also developed a cost structure that will save you at least 37% in recruiting costs with our RecruitmentUnits™  program.

"AlediumHR has consistently demonstrated their expertise by successfully filling some of our most challenging positions. Their track record of delivering results speaks for itself, and their 12-month placement guarantee is truly exceptional!"

Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, East Coast Medical Center

Intelligent Recruiting

  1. We identify and carefully evaluate qualified candidates from our extensive database of over 500,000+ active healthcare professionals and other untapped talent sources.
  2. Talentlytical®, our exclusive AI-driven Healthcare Talent Acquisition Platform, provides a seamless hiring process, reducing time-to-hire and delivering cost certainty.
  3. We provide a 12-month guarantee on most direct hire placements, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our healthcare recruiting services.
  4. RecruitmentUnits™ is our latest healthcare recruitment cost model, providing volume discounts over per-placement fees. It ensures a minimum 37% reduction in recruitment costs.

Recruiting Focus

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  • "Finding top talent has been challenging in today's competitive market. AlediumHR has been a game-changer, understanding our needs and recruiting experienced software engineers with EHR expertise. Thanks to AlediumHR, our technical team is stronger, driving innovation and efficiency. We're grateful for their exceptional service and expertise."   CIO - Los Angeles EHR Company

  • "As a leading medical center in southern Texas, we faced challenges filling (RN) positions due to competition in the healthcare job market. Collaborating with AlediumHR significantly improved our recruitment. Their knowledge of healthcare recruitment and our market enabled us to attract and onboard highly qualified RNs. I enthusiastically endorse AlediumHR for healthcare facilities aiming to enhance their hiring processes." VP of Talent Acquisition - Medical Center in South Texas

  • "I am extremely satisfied with the outstanding services provided by AlediumHR. We faced the daunting task of filling 55 nursing positions within a tight three-month deadline, which seemed nearly impossible. However, we successfully accomplished our objective thanks to AlediumHR's strategic and focused approach."

    Director of Talent Acquisition - International Pharmaceutical Solutions Company

  • "As a Healthcare Executive, I am thoroughly impressed with AlediumHR's outstanding recruitment capabilities. They possess a profound understanding of our staffing requirements and consistently deliver highly qualified professionals. Their services have truly transformed our healthcare delivery, making a significant impact."

    SVP of HR - Home Health Care Company

  • "AlediumHR provided healthcare professionals who truly impressed us. Their team of experts helped us identify outstanding candidates for our open positions, going above and beyond to ensure a smooth and efficient hiring process."

    CEO - Telehealth Start-Up Teletherapy Company During Covid_19

  • "AlediumHR's AI-powered talent acquisition platform has revolutionized our recruitment process. It has greatly improved the matching of candidates with suitable job opportunities and dramatically reduced our time to hire by over 50%."

    CFO -  Physician Provider Organization

  • "AlediumHR played a vital role in helping to swiftly and effectively fill several vacant nursing positions. Their recruiting team possesses an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry.  They were able to identify ideal candidates to meet our requirement needs."

    CHRO - Southwest U.S. Hospital Chain

Alliance Partners

AlediumHR consistently seeks professional collaborations across the healthcare spectrum. We form alliances with corporations, associations, and educational institutions to enhance value for our clients.

Interested in discussing a potential partnership with AlediumHR?, please CONTACT US.

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