Top 100 Staffing Company To Work For in 2023

The World Staffing Award selects the Top Staffing Companies to work for each year. The winners were announced during the World Staffing Summit on January 24th, 2023, and AlediumHR was selected as a Top 100 Company.

Telehealth Recruitment

Since 2013, AlediumHR has been the healthcare industry's premier telehealth talent acquisition firm serving clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Our experience makes us unique and best prepared to understand the industry nuances, especially since COVID has made telehealth an integral part of healthcare's future.

In fall of 2020, we released our Talentlytical® AI  Talent Acquisition Platform. Our proprietary technology improves candidate-job match and reduces time-to-hire while lowering overall recruiting costs.

We work with hospitals, providers, healthcare companies, and start-ups, providing "healthcare talent that differentiates." 

Recruiting Focus

Intelligent Recruiting

AlediumHR is results-driven and committed to providing the highest level of client and candidate experience during the recruiting and hiring process.

Our proprietary Talentlytical® AI Talent Acquisition Platform is the only recruiting technology solution focused on healthcare professionals. 

We are dedicated to developing a customized and strategic recruiting solution that fits every client's unique hiring requirements.

We are confident in our recruitment strategy, and that confidence extends to the candidates we present, that we provide:

*12-month placement guarantee on most direct hires. We offer fixed-price recruitment fees, not a percentage of salary, providing the industry's most competitive fee structure and a placement guarantee."

Ours is a balanced strategy aligned with sourcing experienced healthcare professionals while reducing costs that will significantly improve your hiring ROI.

Our combination of human and technology-driven strategies provides results that typically produce 35% or more savings on your recruitment spend.

Talentlytical® AI Talent Acquisition

AI Technology
Developed and released in the Fall of 2020, in the middle of Covid, Talentlytical® has been instrumental in improving our recruiting process by constantly learning our clients hiring patterns, job requirements, and job-matching.
Improved Speed-to-Hire
Talentlytical® removes the process of a recruiter searching for candidates on job boards, Social Media, and LinkedIn
Screened Candidates in 3-5 Days
Talentlytical® will provide screened candidates in as little as three days, depending on the position.
Improved Candidate Quality & Match
Talentlyical® can match your specific job requirements and position nuances for a better candidate match.
12-Month Placement Guarantee
We provide a 12-Month placement guarantee on all positions. The only exceptions are layoffs, company closure, changes in job responsibilities, and relocation.
Fixed Price Recruitment Fees
We do not charge a percentage of salary, but a fixed recruitment fee based on the position. This typically saves a minimum of 35% on each placement.
Recruitment ROI
Talentlytical® provides a return on investment for your recruiting costs.


AlediumHR's industry alliances represent the full spectrum of the healthcare industry. We partner with companies, associations, universities, and colleges that enhance our value propositions.

If you are interested in discussing a potential alliance with AlediumHR, please contact Brandon Maffei at 800-483-5207, ext 103, or

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