1Why Partner With AlediumHR Versus Other Recruiting Firms?
For over a decade, AlediumHR has been a leading provider of customized talent acquisition solutions, specializing in key roles within the Healthcare industry. With our extensive experience in Telehealth recruitment since 2013, well before the era of Covid, we have established ourselves as the industry's most trusted company. Talentlytical®, our exclusive AI Healthcare Talent Acquisition Platform, ensures a precise and targeted candidate-matching process, even in today's competitive job market. By implementing these strategies, you can significantly improve your speed-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and overall quality-of-hire, resulting in immediate recruiting ROI.
2What Are The Benefits of Talentlytical®
Talentlytical® – our pioneering AI Healthcare Talent Acquisition Platform, launched in Fall 2020. This state-of-the-art solution is transforming the recruitment landscape, enabling significant cost reductions for our clients. Diverging from conventional recruitment automation software or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Talentlytical® leverages advanced AI machine learning. It offers intuitive visualization and smart tools for comprehensive candidate data analysis. With Talentlytical®, you unlock access to an expansive healthcare talent pool from previously untapped sources, meticulously curated to meet your specific job needs. Our proven recruitment strategies and robust internal resources seamlessly integrate, elevating your talent acquisition process and minimizing expenses. Step into the future of recruitment with Talentlytical®.
3What Healthcare Positions Do You Recruit?
AlediumHR specializes in recruiting for an extensive array of roles, both clinical and non-clinical. Our aim is to match outstanding talent with opportunities across diverse sectors, including traditional healthcare, telehealth, allied health, health technology, healthcare support, academia, pharmaceuticals, management and administration, and the biomedical field.
4Do You Recruit Contract (1099) Positions?
Beyond offering direct placement roles, we have expanded our services to include contract positions, a growth significantly fueled by the rise of Telehealth over the last three years. Our experience spans collaborating with organizations to place contract nurses, physicians, and therapists. However, we do not offer services in travel nursing.
5Do You Have Experience With Large Recruitment Initiatives?
With the projection of healthcare-related jobs doubling in the next decade, many of our clients are seeking rapid scalability to meet increasing patient utilization. Leveraging our AI technology, we have achieved remarkable success in high-volume recruiting while maintaining the highest standards of quality in hiring.
6What Types Of Healthcare Organizations Do You Partner With?
From telehealth start-ups to Fortune 50 healthcare companies, nationwide hospital systems, provider networks, home-care facilities, healthcare clinics, insurance, pharmaceutical, academia, and biomedical companies, we have successfully collaborated with various organizations. Whether they need to fill a single position or multiple roles, we have the perfect solution to fulfill their healthcare recruiting needs.
7What is The Timeframe From Candidate Contact to Client Submittal?
Utilizing our exclusive talent acquisition platform, Talentlytical®, along with our extensive database of over 500,000 candidates and nationwide recruiting capabilities, we deliver screened and qualified candidates for client review within 3-5 business days, often even faster. Based on the client's interview process, the majority of candidates are successfully onboarded within 15-30 days.
8Is AlediumHR Nationwide?
Our headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida, with remote offices in seven additional cities across the United States and Canada. In response to our expanding overseas client base, we are excited to announce the upcoming opening of a new international office in London in the fall of 2024.
9What Is Your Placement Guarantee?
We provide a 12-month guarantee on the majority of our direct hire placements. Should any of our placements leave or be terminated for cause within the first year, we will swiftly offer a replacement at no extra charge. Our impressive 96.4% retention rate stands as evidence of our steadfast dedication to achieving outstanding outcomes.
10What Is Our Investment in Partnering With AlediumHR?
Our pricing structure is fixed and not tied to the salary of the position, ensuring our clients save a minimum of 35% on every hire. This sets us apart from many recruitment firms that charge fees exceeding 20% of the position's salary, often leading to higher costs for employers. Our method guarantees a significant return on investment. Moreover, our RecruitmentUnits™ program provides flexible pricing options for volume recruiting, offering even more savings and value.

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