Healthcare Recruiting AI Technology

AlediumHR's Talentlytical® AI technology stands at the forefront of healthcare talent acquisition, offering solutions designed to optimize recruitment processes and enhance hiring efficiency.

Leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, Talentlytical® provides comprehensive insights into candidates enabling us to make data-driven decisions and identify top healthcare talent.

Intelligent Recruiting

AlediumHR's AI Technology

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Talentlytical® is our proprietary talent acquisition technology. It leverages intuitive AI to attract highly qualified healthcare professionals who align with your specific job requirements.

We Refer to it as Intelligent Recruiting

  • Talentlytical's® advanced machine-learning algorithms tap into talent sources to connect with healthcare professionals who are genuinely interested in your job opportunities.
  • Talentlytical® goes beyond the limitations of traditional job boards and outdated recruiting methods.
  • Through Talentlytical®, we not only match you with potential candidates but also contact them in real time via email and text for available positions. 
  • Our extensive candidate database boasts over 700,000+ healthcare professionals, covering all clinical and non-clinical roles. 

The bottom line is that Talentlytical® helps deliver a strong return on investment for your labor spend.  

Talentlytical® Features

Talentlyticals® AI technology was specifically developed for sourcing healthcare professionals more effectively by leveraging advanced job-match criteria specific to healthcare, thereby through AI sourcing previously untapped talent sources. Our cutting-edge AI solution revolutionizes the healthcare recruitment process, empowering hospitals and healthcare organizations to discover top-tier talent that aligns perfectly with their requirements.
With Talentlytical®, our innovative AI healthcare talent acquisition platform, we can streamline and automate the canddiate review process, efficiently identifying and eliminating candidates who do not meet the specific requirements of your job. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms and machine learning analysis, we ensure that only the most qualified and suitable candidates proceed further in the selection process.
Talentlytical® leverages advanced analytics to thoroughly survey the healthcare job market, guaranteeing that your job openings receive optimal exposure in the highly competitive healthcare marketplace. With our cutting-edge technology and strategic approach, we help you find the best talent to meet your organization's needs to drive success.
Talentlytical® is an innovative platform that offers comprehensive real-time insights on the effectiveness of a job opening by analyzing factors such as the costs and the demographic availability for the role. Talentlytical® empowers us to make data-driven decisions in our talent acquisition strategies. With its advanced analytics capabilities, this cutting-edge solution provides a deeper understanding of the hiring landscape, enabling healthcare organizations to optimize their recruitment processes and find the best-fit candidates efficiently.
Once a candidate has been identified, Talentlytical® will reach out through email, text, and phone calls and automate the initial screening process to only speak with the most qualified and interested applicants.

Discover Talentlytical®

To discover how Talentlytical® can reduce your recruiting costs and improve candidate access and quality, please contact us to schedule a call.

Discover Talentlytical®

Intelligent Recruiting

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