We understand how our clients’ recruiting needs tie into their overall business strategy and success.

Since 2006, AlediumHR has been an essential partner to companies across the nation.

Why AlediumHR

AlediumHR is a leading provider of customized recruiting solutions centered on Telehealth, Healthcare IT and Healthcare Support positions. We are one of the select companies in the recruiting industry that provides targeted hiring strategies that are fully guaranteed to attract the right candidate for your hard to fill positions in a very competitive job market.

Telehealth and technology jobs are projected to double over the next decade. AlediumHR s is already focused on these roles and has extensive experience in working with clients nationwide in securing qualified candidates who are making an impact in the organizations they work for.

The AlediumHR Difference


Retention Rate

At AlediumHR, we are results driven

Our proprietary recruiting programs and services are based on Six-Sigma best practices and Total Quality Management Principles.

The Telehealth, Healthcare IT, and Healthcare Support functions are rapidly growing and the demand to acquire talent in today’s competitive job market is vital to your company’s success. At AlediumHR we realize these essential business needs and partner with you to identify candidates and only select top tier talent that provides that key advantage over your competition. There are 1000’s of recruiting firms, but only a select few that focus specifically in the combination of functional areas that AlediumHR does. We are truly a talent differentiator!

AlediumHR's Background

The roots of the company began in 2006 in Nashville as an answer to the major challenges in the customer service industry. There was a clear market need for a high-quality, consultative recruiting approach delivered by experienced and knowledgeable industry leaders. As the company grew and our client partners gained further trust in our solutions, we expanded into technology placements and have continued to provide the recruiting expertise that separates us from our competitors.

In 2013, we rebranded as AlediumHR and telehealth was added to our portfolio of recruiting services. This was an opportunity for the company to capitalize on and transition into a very fast-growing industry. From our corporate headquarters in Tampa Florida, we partner with companies to ensure job openings are matched with candidates who will bring value, experience, and the unique perspectives that help drive organizational success.

Tampa - Corporate Office

In 2019, with the growth of the company and the industries we serve, we relocated our corporate office to Tampa, Florida. The Tampa Bay region is one of the fastest-growing markets for both our telehealth and information technology business segments. The region was recently identified as a top 20 job market for both healthcare and technology opportunities.

AlediumHR continues to partner and maintain our ongoing relationships with our clients nationwide. We are proud of our company's growth and success over the past 14 years. With this move, AlediumHR is better positioned and aligned with the corporate resources and support as we continue to expand our presence in cities nationwide.


AlediumHR Represents Clients Across the U.S.