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AlediumHR has been recruiting telehealth professionals since 2013. You want a recruiting partner that understands your industry and aligns their knowledge and experience with the appropriate resources to recruit the “right fit” candidate for your organization.

AlediumHR’s first step in the telehealth recruiting process is aligning your hiring needs so we can clearly define the requirements and objectives, your organizational gaps, and what you need us to accomplish to ensure the recruitment process is successful. We recognize your need for telehealth professionals to be comfortable and succeed in your organization’s culture, goals, and values.

The AlediumHR recruiting process can lead to securing qualified candidates in as few as 2 weeks dependent on the types of positions, the number of roles, and job locations. Typically, we can have candidates accepting a role within 30 to 45 days from the search's start.

We conduct a very stringent process that requires absolute attention to detail to ensure candidates have the right background, experience, certifications, and education.

Securing a successful candidate who becomes a productive member of your team is our primary objective. To that end, AlediumHR also conducts a comprehensive screening, assessment, background, and reference checks independent of what you may administer before hire. This is another component of our services that helps you build on a partnership that truly adds value to your organization on an ongoing basis.

Covid_19 has created a lot of attention to telehealth. With our focus already on the industry for the past seven years, we have built a solid network of telehealth professionals.

The Telehealth Industry

Covid!_19 is transforming healthcare. Patients are starting to insist healthcare professionals offer telehealth services. Just as with online banking, virtual visits, remote monitoring, and other high-tech services, telehealth is expected to maximize efficiency and convenience, while enhancing the quality of care.

According to The American Telemedicine Association, approximately half of the hospitals in the U.S. have some form of functional telehealth operation. The global telehealth market is predicted to become a $36 billion industry by 2020 and will continue to grow at a rapid pace. Major healthcare institutions see telehealth as a clear priority for future success.


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