Talentlytical® = Intelligent Recruiting

Talentlytical® Intelligent Recruiting

Next Generation Talent Acquisition


Talentlytical® is our proprietary talent acquisition platform that deploys intuitive AI to attract qualified candidates focused on your specific job requirements. We call this "Intelligent Recruiting."

Talentlytical's® machine-learning algorithms access potential candidates from untapped talent sources, providing you with healthcare professionals matched and interested in your job opportunities beyond job boards and other typical recruiting methods.

With Talentlytical®, we can match and immediately contact prospective and qualified candidates via email and text for available positions. This means no waiting for a recruiter to review every resume.

Our depth of candidate data provides our clients with quality applicants, lower cost-per-hire, and improved speed-of-hire, equating to lower talent acquisition costs.

We have an active candidate database of over 200,000+ healthcare professionals for clinical and non-clinical roles in telehealth and traditional healthcare.

Our proven Talentlytical® technology and nationwide recruiting resources will significantly improve your talent acquisition process and provide an ROI for your labor spend.

Hard-To-Fill Roles

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