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AlediumHR’S experience in healthcare support recruiting goes back to the company’s founding in 2006. Initially tailored towards contact center executive/management recruiting, the business expanded to include all types of professional healthcare support positions in the industries we serve. Healthcare support takes on many roles in an organization, and we specialize in combining our expertise with a customer experience focus that has become so important in today’s business environment. One employee can be the difference between retaining or losing a customer or patient.

The demand to provide great customer and/or patient experience in today’s competitive market is essential. The opportunity to develop an integrated recruiting solution that maximizes customer service skill sets are part of our extensive assessment process that identifies the behaviors and skills required for these roles. Our network of highly skilled candidates is represented by the position examples we have recruited below.

Working with AlediumHR helps companies develop their next generation of employees that are trained and experienced in delivering exceptional customer or patient service. Our placements quickly assist their employers in further developing that “customer first” attitude.

This experience translates as the first impression someone has on your organization based on their engagement with the employee who typically is the first point of contact. This is real recruiting expertise and how AlediumHR makes a difference for our clients.

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