The AlediumHR

Post-Covid Expertise

Telehealth Recruiting

AlediumHR was the first recruiting organization to recognize the importance of telehealth. We started specializing in telehealth in 2013. Covid dramatically changed the perceptions and practices of telehealth as it relates to the future of healthcare. Because of that, you should partner with a recruiting firm that didn't begin offering telehealth because of Covid.

AlediumHR's combination of technology and nationwide network of accomplished talent acquisition professionals provides us access to highly vetted top-tier healthcare talent. With our proprietary Talentlytical® AI talent acquisition platform, we quickly identify and vet qualified candidates in this growing and very competitive job market. 



Health Tech Recruiting

Companies are finding it increasingly challenging to attract and retain highly skilled healthcare IT professionals. The IT job market will continue its rapid growth throughout the decade. As a result, the need for qualified candidates will continue. With new digital and virtual technologies constantly entering the marketplace due to telehealth, securing resources is an even greater burden.

AlediumHR combines its years of experience recruiting health tech professionals with the power of our recruiting engine spread across eight nationwide offices. Whatever role you require, whether it's a hospital, healthcare provider, or industry company, we are well connected with experienced health tech professionals to match your needs.



Biomedical Recruiting

The biomedical industry is one of the fastest growing in healthcare. Such disciplines as medical microbiology, clinical virology, clinical epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, and biomedical engineering are biomedical roles. The need for scientists, engineers, technicians, chemists, etc., will continue to exceed the supply of available talent. Since Covid, the number of start-up biomedical companies is increasing the need for these professionals. 

Biomedical's importance is closing the gap between engineering and medicine, combining the design and engineering problem-solving skills with medical science to advance health care treatment, including diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy. AlediumHR combines its years of experience recruiting healthcare professionals to translate our experience into securing these important roles.



Healthcare Support Recruiting

Healthcare is not just clinical roles like physicians, nurses, therapists, etc.; it is also non-clinical roles like billing administrators, collectors, case managers, supervisors, and others that does not involve administering medicine, and is not directly involved in the diagnosis and treatment. The primary role of non-clinical support personnel is creating that truly personal experience.

We determined that being a talent acquisition provider for support positions was important to our clients. Instead of dealing with multiple recruiters, the ability to partner with one recruiting firm enables AlediumHR to create a true client experience built on trust and providing value.