Frequently Asked Questions


1Why Partner With AlediumHR Versus Other Recruiting Firms?
Since 2013, AlediumHR has been the premier provider of customized talent acquisition solutions centered on Telehealth, Health Tech, Healthcare Support, and Biomedical roles. We are the most experienced Telehealth recruiting company in the healthcare industry. We provide a targeted candidate-match hiring process through our proprietary AI Healthcare Talent Acquisition Platform, Talentlytical®, guaranteed to attract candidates in a competitive job market. These strategies will significantly improve your speed-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and quality-of-hire, providing an immediate recruiting ROI.
2What Are The Benefits of Talentlytical®
Talentlytical® is our proprietary AI Healthcare Talent Acquisition Platform released in the Fall of 2020 that enables us to significantly lower the cost of recruiting for our clients. Talentlytical® IS NOT recruiting automation software or an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Utilizing AI machine-learning technology, it captures candidate data with intuitive visualization and intelligence tools. Talentlytical® provides access to potential candidates from untapped sources based on your specific job requirements, providing a larger candidate pool. Our proven recruiting methodologies and our internal recruiting resources will significantly improve your overall talent acquisition practices while reducing costs.
3What Healthcare Positions Do You Recruit?
We staff all traditional clinical and non-clinical roles. We are telehealth's go-to recruiting resource. We also recruit candidates for allied health, health tech, healthcare support, pharmacutical, and biomedical roles.
4Do You Recruit Contract (1099) Positions?
Yes, In addition to our direct placement roles, we can also fill contract positions and have grown in this area with the growth of Telehealth over the past three years. We have worked with organizations placing contract nurses, physicians, and therapists. We do not provide travel nursing.
5Do You Have Experience With Large Recruitment Initiatives?
Yes, with Healthcare-related jobs projected to double over the next decade, many of our clients are looking to scale to rapidly keep up with patient utilization. With our AI technology-enabled Talent Acquisition Strategy, we have had tremendous success with high-volume recruiting without compromising on the quality of hire.
6What Types Of Healthcare Organizations Do You Partner With?
We have worked with telehealth start-ups to Fortune 50 healthcare companies, nationwide hospital systems, provider networks, home-care facilities, healthcare clinics, insurance, pharmaceutical, and biomedical companies. For any organization looking to hire healthcare professionals, we have a solution to fill their jobs, whether one job or a hundred.
7What is The Timeframe From Candidate Contact to Client Submittal?
With our proprietary talent acquisition platform, Talentlytical®, our database of 200,000+ candidates, and nationwide recruiting resources, we can have screened and qualified candidates for client review in 3-5 business days or sometimes less. Based on the client's interview process, most candidates are hired within 15-30 days.
8Is AlediumHR Nationwide?
Our corporate office is in Tampa, Florida. We have remote in seven other cities serving the United States and Canada. We will soon open a European international office closer to our growing base of overseas clients.
9What Is Your Placement Guarantee?
We offer a 12-month guarantee on all direct hire placements. If one of our placements were to leave or is terminated for cause within 12 months, we would replace them with another hire at no additional charge. No questions asked; any position. We have a 97.6% retention rate.
10What Is Our Investment in Partnering With AlediumHR?
Our fees are fixed, not a percentage of a position's salary. We save our clients a minimum of 35% on every placement. Most recruiting firms' fees are percentage-based on the position's salary, which can be 20% or more. When combined with our 12-month placement guarantee, the ROI is significant compared to other recruiting firms.

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