Direct Hire Fees

Cost Certainty

Placement Guarantee

AlediumHR provides a 12 month Placement Guarantee


We provide a 12-month placement guarantee for all direct hire positions we place for our clients. If the candidate or employer should terminate employment during the placement guarantee period, AlediumHR will backfill the role at no cost to our client, with certain exceptions not related to employee performance or resignation.

Most recruiting companies will only provide a 90-day guarantee, while a few may offer six months with conditions based on the pro-rated amount of the fee.

AlediumHR has a 94.7% placement rate meaning that we have to backfill only 5.3% of all our placements. Our goal is to get it right the first time.

Talentlytical® is a big part of our success and one of the reasons we can offer the 12-month placement guarantee. 

In addition, we can provide screened and qualified candidates for most positions in 3-5 days.