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June 27, 2022

AlediumHR, Announces Collaboration with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing
June 27, 2022

The Importance of Nursing Compact Licenses

With provider shortages continuing at alarming rates and Telehealth rapidly growing since Covid, what can be done to combat nursing shortages. One of the areas is […]
November 13, 2020

The Future of Healthcare

Healthcare is an industry that is always rapidly evolving. With Covid_19 we have been witnessing the expanse and integration of virtual care or telehealth. Technology; especially […]
November 13, 2020

Applying For Jobs During COVID_19

What can we expect from the job market moving forward? Well, not all industries have been hit the same by the pandemic. The hospitality and leisure […]
July 24, 2020

Mike Maffei named as President & Senior Partner

Mike Maffei named as President & Senior Partner AlediumHR announces the appointment of Mike Maffei, as President & Senior Partner for the fast growing Telehealth, Technology, […]
July 21, 2020

Tampa Bay Business Journal – AlediumHR Expansion

Tampa Bay Business Journal AlediumHR Expansion AlediumHR announced its expansion and move of its corporate headquarters from Atlanta to the Tampa Bay area. Brandon Maffei, VP […]

Telehealth Industry News

July 28, 2022

House passes bill extending telehealth reimbursement through 2024

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bill to extend telehealth reimbursement flexibilities for two years. The bill, H.R. 4040, easily passed by a vote […]
July 11, 2022

Senators introduce bipartisan bill to extend patient access to telehealth through 2024

Two U.S. senators introduced bipartisan legislation Monday to extend current Medicare telehealth reimbursement waivers an additional two years following the end of the public health emergency. […]
July 11, 2022

Medscape Physician Assistant Compensation Report 2022
July 8, 2022

Hospitals led healthcare hiring surge in June

Healthcare hiring increased substantially in June, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data published Friday. Employers in the sector added an estimated 56,700 jobs, up from […]
July 5, 2022


Researchers at the University of Michigan, analyzing Medicare data through 2021, are reporting that the traditional Medicare population used telehealth during the pandemic to access care, […]
July 5, 2022

Telehealth visits for mental health continue to rise despite dropping in every other specialty

November 15, 2020

How workplace benefits might reflect the new reality of Covid-19

This fall, when employees sign up for next year’s workplace benefits, they should take a close look at the offerings. Odds are they’ll be changing in […]
November 15, 2020

Sexual, reproductive health services go online

Dear Doc is among the few sexual and reproductive telehealth providers that have been launched this year to make sexual and reproductive services accessible to women […]
November 15, 2020

China and Telehealth in a post-Covid19 World

The Covid-19 outbreak accelerated the development of Telehealth in China. Both the government and private players are ready to transform how healthcare is delivered and to […]
November 15, 2020

The Top 6 Healthcare Careers You Can Do From Home

Healthcare is probably not the first profession that comes to mind when you are looking to work remotely. Still, according to the quarterly Randstad Workmonitor global survey, […]
November 13, 2020

New Telehealth Business Startup 

New Telehealth Business Startup So here are six key strategies I’d recommend for someone starting a new telehealth business. Source – What to Know When Starting […]
November 13, 2020

New Internal Jobs for Amazon’s Telemedicine Service

New Internal Jobs for Amazon’s Telemedicine Service Amazon Care, the company’s online medical clinic for its own employees, is trying to hire half a dozen people […]