Allied Health Recruiting

Allied Health Overview

Allied health professionals play an essential role in the healthcare industry in providing support to medical professionals and patients. Allied health comprises 60% of the healthcare workforce - more than 5 million professionals. According to the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), the growth in allied health positions will be between 26% – 50%, depending on the role, by the year 2030.

AlediumHR has been successfully recruiting allied health professionals since 2013. With the pandemic, the utilization of allied health positions remotely has dramatically increased as more healthcare organizations are looking for ways to utilize virtual health.

 As with all our recruiting services, we utilize our Talentlytical® AI Healthcare Talent Acquisition Platform to assist in recruiting this high-demand and, at times, difficult-to-fill positions.

Below is a sample of the Allied Health roles we have successfully recruited.

Allied Health Roles


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