Call Center Cx®

Aledium’s Call Centers Cx® 360° Consulting Model expands on our traditional human capital service offerings by assisting our clients in the operational and technological areas of their call center. With client specific solutions, we provide a 360° view of your call center organization as defined by people, process and technology. We’ll partner with you to develop a customer-centric solution that elevates your call center as a true customer experience provider in the marketplace. 

A 5% increase in customer retention improves profitability by at least 25%.

It is imperative that you have the right people, process, and technology practices in place to meet your customer’s expectations of service.

The 360° Model Includes:

• Call Center Strategic Review – Evaluation of short/long term goals and initiatives.

• Customer Experience Roadmap –  Documentation & feedback of  customer service channels and customer touchpoints in call center.

• Business Process Analysis – Review of service-level metrics/goals/attainments, workflow design, and quality management.

• Technology Evaluation – Review of WFM, QA, CRM, CMS and IVR systems.

• Performance Reporting – Review of WFM, QA, CRM, CMS and IVR reporting.

Call Center Design & Expansion – Review of layout, environment, scalability, and site selection.

The Call Center Cx® 360° Model can include all or some of the consulting components listed based on client needs.

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